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Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Our Services

 Allow us to make your clothes look and feel their best here at Park Avenue Cleaners! We are your go-to experts for quality dry cleaning and laundry services. Our purpose here is to be your one-stop shop for all laundry/dry cleaning needs whether you just need a stain taken out, a load of laundry done, or anything else to freshen up your wardrobe.


Dry Cleaning



Every piece of clothing is meticulously dry-cleaned with an environmentally friendly solvent. This cleaning method is guaranteed to leave no lingering odor or discoloration and a luxurious feel. For each specific fabric we clean, we pair an extensive cleaning procedure with a special detergent solution. To make sure you've received the best cleaning possible, each and every item in our care is then carefully inspected.

To ensure that your shirts are perfectly cleaned, we only utilize top-quality machinery. All shirts are washed while still damp in order to avoid any type of shrinkage. They are then hand-pressed to crisp perfection with the amount of starch you prefer. From collars to cuffs, waist to hemlines, our specialists use a multi-step process to guarantee that your garments are flawlessly washed and pressed!



At Park Avenue Cleaners, we believe that everyone deserves a perfect fit. We provide excellent alterations and tailoring services. From small repairs to having a suit custom fitted, our on-site seamstress can take care of all of your needs. All alterations are completed and returned in a timely manner. Take a look at our Pricing page to see what we offer!


Household Items

In order to prolong their life, bedding, draperies, cushion covers, and other textiles should be cleaned regularly. It can be challenging for in-home laundry machines to clean those bulky or delicate household goods. But don't worry, we've got your back! For more than 20 years, Park Avenue Cleaners has provided cleaning services for all household items.


Wedding Gown Preservation

Take advantage of our expert wedding dress preservation services; you owe it to both yourself and your gown. Our skilled and qualified wedding dress specialists are knowledgeable about every aspect of professionally cleaning your gown, including the best methods for preserving fragile fabrics during the cleaning process as well as how to keep needlework, lace, and beading intact.


Area Rug Cleaning

We now provide expert rug cleaning.  Rugs require high-quality care due to the numerous diverse fabrics, color variants, and styles. At Park Avenue Cleaners, we make it a priority to preserve the structural integrity of your rug while bringing life back to faded colors. Make sure your signature rug lasts for years to come, by giving it a thorough, deep clean right here are your local cleaners!


Comforter Cleaning

Comforters and blankets are not easily thrown into the washer and spending a few hours at the Laundromat is not ideal. But, we have the equipment, expertise, and capability to clean comforters and other large, bulky objects and fabrics. From Egyptian cottons to sheet covers, your comforters will look new again and so will your home.


Indian Garment Cleaning

If you're in search of a reliable dry cleaner to handle your valuable garments, look no further than Park Avenue Cleaners. We specialize in cleaning Indian suits, ranging from just simple suits to even heavily beaded lenghas, and we have years of experience to back it up. We use only the best cleaning methods and equipment to ensure that your clothes are cleaned to the highest standards, and we stand by our work 100%.

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